GraphMassive is the deepest set of consumer insights spanning social and real-world information

Unlike old-school databases, SpotRight has graphed hundreds of millions of social profiles and  behaviors – brands and interests consumers like, follow, and engage with – and linked it to proven, actionable data.  We take the best of both worlds: the dynamic, contextual realm of social and the rigorous, tested offline data world, to generate unique insights for marketers to create winning engagement strategies.


What is GraphMassive?

GraphMassive is a dynamic map of billions of consumer relationships and interests across social media, tied to offline data.  Because people are always posting new comments, following new brands, and engaging with new campaigns – GraphMassive is continually being updated with changing consumer brand and interest affinities.  This is no static panel!  Social analytics data is only one aspect for marketers to watch.  To have an immersive understanding of the audiences they want to reach, strategic marketers need to have a broad view of individual-level characteristics such as demographics, recent purchases, what cars are in the garage, where they live, and more. With more than 300MM scored profiles and 40+ billion connections, GraphMassive is the largest consumer graph of scored profiles linked to billions of pieces of insightful data.  We’ve done our best to:

  • identify the right data from reputable sources
  • integrate those structured & unstructured data sets
  • generate the insights you need





Any Way You Want It: GraphMassive

Have a special need or application? We’ve got you covered. To better meet the needs of marketers and analysts, GraphMassive is available in three solutions:

  • GraphMassive for Analytics: an anonymized deep dive into a national consumer file, GraphMassive for Analytics puts our insights in the hands of your analysts to craft the coolest modeling ever, or for market researchers to understand what makes some groups tick and makes others run away. Jump in the sandbox and dig a while.  
  • GraphMassive for Appends: unique insights to enhance your customer data or to fine-tune your listening platform to your customers. Go on – take it to the next level and be in the know on what your customers care about!
  • GraphMassive for Audiences: targeting at its finest, these audiences can be honed to the characteristics that matter to you. Yes, we’ve done the work for you of defining the audience and finding consumers who meets those criteria. You’re welcome.

GraphMassive by the Numbers

GraphMassive contains:

  • 40 billion social graph connections
  • 300 million social profiles
  • 240+ million US consumers
  • 130 million US households
  • Billions of posts/tweets
  • Blogs and review sites

  • Demographics and geography
  • Retail  and CPG purchases
  • Occupation and financial data
  • News sources, TV shows and media markets
  • Auto ownership data
  • Brand affinities
  • Non-profit giving
  • Lifestyle interests
  • Political persuasions and congressional districts